Angie Fu
My favorite places in
San Francisco!
I should start off by saying that I am by no means a San Francisco expert, and of course the beauty of San Francisco is that you'll probably be able to find something that suits your interests no matter what, whether that's seeing a Giants game, checking out a music venue, whatever.
I grew up in the bay area, but only really got to know San Francisco when I moved up for work in 2013. What's become clear in that short amount of time is that people really, really care about their city, and it's not hard to see why. The diversity, the weather (fog and all), the Victorian architecture, the incredible food—what's not to love?
Here's the full map with all the locations.
More Guides
Back from the dead, this site is a huge part of the local community. Find out what's going on, what's good to eat, and get a sweet breakdown of individual neighborhoods.
You'll be surrounded by a lot of reliable American, Mexican, and Asian restaurants, but what really stands out is the food you'd be hard pressed to find outside of San Francisco.
What's great about the city is that you'll find excellent food from almost anywhere—my advice is to take advantage and try some things you wouldn't normally eat like Burmese or Ethiopian.
Coffee is near and dear to the people of San Francisco. For the serious connoisseurs out there, make sure not to miss Blue Bottle or Four Barrel.
I'm definitely not discerning enough to give recommendations on the coffee itself, but I do have some favorite spots for other reasons. You can read why in the map above!
Bars and lounges
People care about their wine, craft beer, and cocktails just as much as they do their coffee. My recommendations err on the cocktail side, and are chosen for their more relaxed atmosphere.
San Francisco has a pretty good live music scene, and it's not hard to make a night out of cocktails and jazz—one of my favorite pastimes.
Outdoor spots
When visiting San Francisco, it's easy to forget how many great outdoor destinations there are. Biking through Golden Gate Park, having a picnic, going on a hike—there are endless things to do while basking in the San Francisco sun.
If you do pass through Golden Gate Park on a weekend, watch out for the funky disco roller blading man! He'll be there movin', groovin', and blasting funky beats.
Check out the line-up at these clubs and go see a live show! The comedy scene doesn't compare to LA, NY, or Chicago, but there's still lots of great venues and comics to see.
While there aren't as many as there used to be, make sure to check out these bookstores that feature a huge variety of design, photography, art, and architecture books.